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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

I have sold over 20 builds since I discovered this hobby/obsession/psychosis and have still only seen TWO motorized bikes besides mine on the road. Both were ratbikes with nothing to suggest the builder had any skills at all. I have also helped several people who were building additional bikes for sale(motor mounts, brakes, ragjoints, etc.)who wanted my opinion on what would sell.
I know some of my customers ride daily, but even as many miles as I scroll up in a month, I never see anyone else riding.
Yet every single time I leave the house, someone flags me down to ooh and ahh over my bike.
Go figure.
Just wait until the gas prices get going upward again (like they ALWAYS do) and things will start popping.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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