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Default Re: The best thing I have ever done for my HT...

Forgot to mention I did a little test with the stuff.

I got two pieces of metal and coated one in regular 2 stroke synthetic oil and other with 10% bi-tron in it then left them sitting vertically. Next morning the bi-tron one had a visible 1/2 mm thick layer on it while the other had only a stain. Also I took the head off to clean the carbon build up. Well firstly there was less than usual on it and none where the ports empty over the piston but the carbon that was there wiped off completely with little effort.

You feel it working as well I dragged a screw driver over the two bit of metal from the test with force and the one with the bi-tron had heaps less resistance it felt slippery and left less marks.

No doubt left in my mind
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