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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

I'm pretty sure that my first build, in 2008, was the first in my area. I had never seen one and nobody who approached me had seen one either. Perhaps a year later I started seeing others. In that time I guess I've seen 20 others or so. But none of them stick it out. Many I only saw once. A few others I'd see from time to time for a half year or so. Then they'd disappear. Perhaps the ones who stuck with it for a while were the ones with no car or license, who felt that they had little choice. But even they seem to have gone over to the bus , walking maybe . They're not riding a regular pedal bike. I'm sure of that. I'd have seen them. Anyway, it comes down to the fact that people do not want to have to tinker with their transportation at all. They expect to just 'drive'.

From time to time people will tell me that they're seeing more and more of these over in our county seat. But I don't see them. But I don't live there and ride those streets a whole lot either. So maybe there's a few. But I doubt if they'll last.

Those of us who do stick around are those who actually do like tinkering with our bikes. Meeting the challenges that they pose. But we are a very small minority. And that's not likely to change until something like high gas prices or a serious, population wide, intolerance for greenhouse gases forms. Then those of us who are willing to tinker might even be able to make a living at it.

But anyway I'm not seeing a fall off of interest in these. But that's because I never saw much sincere interest in the first place. The people around me are mildly interested. But not enough to give any real thought to joining me.

And there's no doubt in my mind that part of it is their unwillingness to engage in activity that's regarded as peculiar.

The automobile is still King in our society. We'll be outsiders until that changes. Interest might rise and fall a bit in the meantime. But that will only be small ripples because total societal interest is very low anyway.
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