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Default Re: The best thing I have ever done for my HT...

Understandably it sounds too good to be true. The most objective proof is its effects on bearings of all sorts. The drive train friction in bike dropped such a degree that I could hardly believe it. I have not oiled my chain once since using it. I can hear so sound coming from the clutch gears. Also on the drive sprocket side you know there is that little metal rod with a ball bearing at the end that the clutch arm pushes on? Well I used to have to apply heavy grease on that quite regularly because there is no real bearing. I used to be able to hear the metal on metal as that spun and t would start squeaking after around 3 weeks. Now I cannot hear any noise and have not used grease since the one application. If you watch the youtube test this is what this stuff does it reduces metal on metal friction and wear more than anything else even under load.

I am curious to see whether using this in an engine before break would extend break in time ore prevent the rings wearing in properly.

My brother can hardly believe what it has done for his skateboard bearings. The resistance and noise rolling along has just died. He reckons it takes a quarter less energy for him to skate into town now because the bearings are gliding so much better.
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