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Default Re: Ethanol Conditioners?

I hope I don't sound rude(I know this thread is over a year old), but I'd like to leave my 2 cents

In my experience of running my bike on pure ethanol, I can say that most of the claims about ethanol causing engine damage are false. First of all, most of the parts in these engines are made of chinese pot metal which is mostly aluminum; the only exception is the crank. Even then, the key to rust is the water that ethanol absorbs. A little ethanol in your gas isn't going to draw in enough water to cause rust at a rate any noticeably faster than without ethanol. I ran my engine on old ethanol that sat around for months and months and I never encountered any kind of rust.

The only part that saw damage was the fuel line, but the stock fuel line is pure crap. Just replace it with quality fuel line from an auto parts store. I can't speak for the other carbs, but the NT carb holds up just fine. It contains no steel parts(so no rusting), and the float is made of nylon which isn't effected by ethanol. The crank seals also held up fine.

Ethanol can wreck pre 1980s cars and equipment, but these happy time engines are so bare-minimum that there isn't all that much to go wrong in terms of using alternative fuels.

That being said, I've seen big cans of pure ethanol-free gasoline sold at hardware stores such as Lowe's and Orchard Supply Hardware. And it wasn't that expensive from what I remember.
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