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Default FNG from Indy

Hello, my name is Tom. As stated, I'm in Indianapolis Indiana.

My history includes lots of motorcycles
Some of my favorites.
Kz 650(x3)

And I have owned many bicycles, bmx, cruisers, and mountain bikes.
So I really like the idea of a motorized bicycle.

I've got a Chinese Schwinn cruiser (point beach) I would like put a happy time motor on as my first project. I'm aware of the fender supports, inadequate bearing grease, and the frames susceptibility to weld fractures. I guess we will see how it goes. I have experience as a motorcycle mechanic (back in the aircooled days), so with the help of this website I hope to build a safe, fun motorized bicycle.

I really wanted a Dax kit, but he is out of stock at the moment. I will probably build with a ragmount sprocket, but I would like to immediately find a hub mount sprocket that will fit the multispeed Chinese Schwinn hub (also mostly out of stock).
Is it easier to get quality parts during the wintertime? Or are quality parts just hard to come by year round?

Anyway, I hope to get started soon, working on the bike to get it ready for the heavy duty use its about to recieve.
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