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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

Im new to the world of motorized bicycles and besides me and my buddy, I think there might be one other guy in town with a gas powered bike. I see some electrics now and again.

I live in a small town that typically is behind the rest of the nation by a couple years and Im glad we finally caught up.

If I was a vendor or had a repair business and that business was falling off its time to forget about people seeking you out and time for you to seek and educate new customers. Use facebook to make a group and be the spokesperson in your area to revitalize your industry. Have racing events, make them fun and family oriented. BBQ's in the park or at your shop where folks can gather that share the same interest, spark more interest in them, they will spark interest in others.

Focus on why motorized bicycle is fun, little or no skill is required to have a blast. Focus on all the nice things like evening or morning rides, getting folks hooked on different styles of bikes etc.

Sure Im new to this hobby but Im not new to marketing. If a idea is good it will hold its own but you do have to weather and adjust to slow times.

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