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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Loving all the room; work/ play/ sit and stare off into space...
Yeah, the barstool is a great idea, and I just happen to know a guy who has an entire basement full of them
Cool, and I would be happy with just a basic basic stool myself but I am kind of lucky when it comes to commercial office furniture, my sister in law gave me her like $700 awesome drafters stool for my bench work and my wife works for General Mills, when they update furnishings she is offered what is going for free so I have a couple of really nice desk chairs and a big round heavy duty cafeteria type table in the shop.

Basically the stuff designed to last many decades not a few years.

It's not all together yet, but the metal shelf with fluids and such will be to the left of the wrenches. The bike hangs right there, so I am within arms distance of most tools, wd40 etc, and one or two steps away from working on a bench.
We think alike as for placing stuff, I put my special levers like locking clutch and dual pull brake levers and cable stuff on a lower shelf right there as well.

Since you are just starting your shop here is an idea I plan to do for a new 'bike bay' for working on them above ground level without hanging them.

You have seen my current wood swiveling 'bike bay' right?
I need the swivel because the area is narrow but you won't with all your room but the size of front 'bike rack' part is important.

I think if you just put that front rack style at the end of a 8" x 10' plank at at about 36" or so height on a wall with a hinge so the other end can drop to the ground the rack will keep in the bike in place and you need to is raise or lower the other end to load or work on the bike and you won't get that pesky swing motion trying to torque on something or the hassle of trying to put hooks to your top bar. to hoist it up.
WiFi?! I still play cassettes
Not WiFi here, hard wired internet cable here bud, and a pretty impressive system to get every once of entertainment I can out of it ;-}

I am really looking forward to see what you do with that space as you have the potential to make a really killer shop you can really be comfortable and productive in which is pretty hard for most home based guys.
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