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Default thinking about a motorized bike for pedal assist

Hello to all

I am new to the motorized biking world. I have a few scooters, motorcycles, sidecar... all in the name of not taking the car as much as possible. Lately I don't ride that often because of the hassle of gearing up properly only to take short trips. And I need to start exercising more anyway.

So I am really excited about the idea of a motor assisted bicycle.

From what I read so far I am realizing many/most of you all are after a bike that can cruise pretty fast without pedaling at all or very little. Which is totally cool.

I have a different goal and wanted to see if it lines up with reality or not.

My Goal is to set up a utility bike that I can pedal alot of the time but have the ability to kick in a motor for when I don't feel like pedaling or need some help up hills or to offset whatever heavy crap i am toting around.

I want to turn getting to work into some exercise, but still retain utility of motorized transportation to allow me to arrive non sweaty or carry bigger loads without it killing me when I just need to get somewhere.

I think it'll help me get out on the bike a lot more having that freedom or not having to struggle back home when I am tired.

I don't need to go too fast (under 25mph) nor terribly far (probably 10-15 miles max) most days. But I will need torque to get up hills with a load.

Probably Electric hubs, motors make a lot of sense for the task, but I am trying to do this on the cheap and little 2 strokes or 4's simply are way cheaper to set up. I don't want to sink a grand into this experiment right now.

My main question. Since I want to pedal most of the time or assist the motor is a gasser right for me?

a few of my questions to answer to help me decide whether to go gas or electric.

Can you get good torque at low speeds with these little engines?
Can you Start and stop them on the fly easily?
Can you Modulate the power well enough to be able to continue to pedal or does the pull of the engine get away from you almost immediately?

which 2 stroke kits have manual clutches vs I guess centrifugal clutches?
I suppose the centrifugal clutches will require a pull that right?

Does the bike still roll as well with an engine on it (obviously it will be heavier)?

lots of to wade through
thanks for all of your help in advance
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