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Default Re: (Head gasket leak?)INPUT please - all views welcome

The head gaskets for these is generally crap- if you look at the situation carefully, you'll probably notice that the gasket is designed to cover very little between the head and the cylinder body.

In short it's designed to fail and keep you buying more product, more gaskets

I haven't had to do much on my 66cc build, because I haven't ridden itr in months- I'm always on the 50cc. But I've gotten FANTASTIC results on that by filing the head down- the top portion where it contacts the head gasket-

with that ridge gone- and it does take some time to file it smooth- the compression is really up and the motoir has some real snap- before that, it was always leaking.

Some people here are like- ohmigod, you can only use FINE GRAIN sand paper-

I used two flat metal files- one big coarser one to get the ridge flat and a smaller finer one to get the surface like glass again.

People have used two headgaskets and reported good results too,

but I say, file the head, and get as much CONTACT as you can- the ridge isn't squashing only part of the gasket then- and that is the usual situation-
what little gasket contact there is, is divided into two zones, on different planes, and the gasket is in it's own way sorta.

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