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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Bench vice, compressor, welder, beer fridge etc etc etc... LOL I actually have a short list of things to fill it in, and vice is near the top.
I have only had the one workspace at my last place, and now all this room. I can have soo many bikes in there. Going to be a bear keeping it warm in the 20 degrees of winter.
But overall, I'm pleased as punch about the whole thing.
How fun is that getting all that space!?

I highly recommend you find a bar stool type chair with a back you can easily get on and off on that swivels and then set your bench height above the height your knees need to get under it.

Sure you want to be able stand up and work easily but for me at least for jobs I want to sit down close to the work a chair is the ticket.

One other tip is keep the tools you use all the time like multiple types of 10mm tools close at hand on the bench.
'Wrench Walls' are dandy for keeping track of all main tools but a set of common stuff in a 'bench tools box' on it is darn handy.

Bummer about regulating temp to be comfortable in the new space but hey, a little ingenuity can always solve that right?
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