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Default Re: Well, Lookit This, Sprocket Disc Brake ass.

My question was what size sprocket is necessary?
Another member and I have experimented with a disc/sprocket combo. We could make it work but were limited to running a very small rear sprocket to achieve enough chain to caliper clearance. I don't run 28 or 32T sprockets and could find no way to get full pad contact running a 40T because of the interference between the chain and caliper. A larger diameter rotor would make it possible but I haven't found one yet bigger than 203mm that would work with bicycle calipers.

Like KC, I'd like to see more specs on this item; rotor/sprocket diameter and how the caliper attaches to the frame. The only photo shows what looks like custom fabricated dropouts and it also looks like it is a complete hub with axle. Single speed? Cassett adaptable?
The seller needs to attach some information, especially at that price.

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