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Default Re: Well, Lookit This, Sprocket Disc Brake ass.

It would sure be nice to see more specs on that hub, like the HD band brake hub with sprocket which I am growing to despise a better brake replacement hub for a coaster brake bike.

I do have to question the accuracy of their E-bay info for most of their listings like their $119 '49 cc' that is called a 48 and 50cc as well as a 66 and 80cc elsewhere in the same ad.

Miracle 4-5 HP 49cc 2-stroke engines that can hit 40 MPH with the kit direct drive gears!

But back to the point of the disc brake & sprocket system, I would like to see some real info on how it works as I don't see anything attached to the frame like a brake stay arm in the 2 small lame pics to keep the thing from just widely spinning around in the dropouts on the axle when the brake is applied.
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