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Default Re: Good kits that dont go over 30 mph 48km/h

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I'm a rebel without a clue.
I simply don't understand how any American can allow the government to control something as simple and basic as a bicycle. Even with an engine.
But then again, I have problems with mindless authority.
And a prison record.

Setting aside the political slant... another way of looking at this situation isn't so much "control(ing) something as simple and basic as a bicycle" rather an exception of control - provided only you don't grossly exceed the maximum perimeters of what is defined as a motorized bicycle you are not subject to the regulation that most other motor vehicles have, all powered street vehicles except motorized bicycles need undergo inspections, have a VIN assigned, must be registered & meet minimum lighting & safety standards even if homebuilt*.

The only other two classifications I'm aware of that share such lack of direct regulation would be sailboats (no engine) & ultralight aircraft.

I choose to relish this freedom rather than resent was has been allowed, I would never cast aspersions on someone that tried to adhere to their local regulations - even if I would disagree with the extent of that regulation or it's enforcement.

The OP wants a legal bike, there ain't a thing wrong with that

*this does vary by region & some countries/areas don't have any exceptions at all.
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