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Default Re: (Head gasket leak?)INPUT please - all views welcome

I dont think its the spark plug this occurred last 2 weeks
whenever i unscrewed the spark the area around the screw is DRY so i XXX that possibility out

Thanks for the advice it really helps

BUT i purchased it assembled - I dont have a kit or parts just the bike assembled

I really want to tighten the head gasket nuts (I feel its that or one more thing) all I have is wrench/plyer thingy (cheap) that turns things if i SQUEEZE it hard enough to hold the handle - like plyer thats the only way to describe this

(the other possibility)
the area connected between the engine and the muffler neck has the metal piece
that spaces the 2 kind of broken next to the screw areas (its bent now but i cant do much right now) but I dont think thats what is causing my mixture to jump on top of my head gasket and drip back down everywhere

AS LONG as i can get a confirmation that IT WILL LAST 3 or 4 more weeks until i can get good tools
with 30 miles a day for 5 days
150 miles a week i am happy
it just when i look at my gas im VERY CONCERNED
am i riding to fast? 40 mins straight?
my gallon i put into it seems like 60 or something... IS THIS LEAK the CAUSE? yes it is i feel its right there in front of me


WHAT can i do to adjust my gas usage? to use less? ride slow? adjust needle to leaner?

WILL POST PICS first sun rises
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