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Default (Head gasket leak?)INPUT please - all views welcome

[NOTE] did not assemble just purchased it assembled
* very basic and minor knowledge due to reading forums and self experimenting

[trouble shooting]
*the area next and around the spark plug (the head gasket I presume)
has a minor leak or something - my gas or mixture is slowly coming out black
and falls forward and down onto my exhaust and area near muffler that connects with the engine - i dont care for the mess im worried it will stop

*I've read about tightening the acorn heads/replace but I cant do any tighter
with my short arms of tools

[I would like to know if this will be a problem and any solutions i want to do something but im scared]
*until i have more money i can only put gas
*tough times and stuggle/stress
*just want reliable transportation until i can get up again

--- I ride about 30 miles a day and worried about losing gas - i need the 80 miles a gallon not 50 or 60 that i think im getting ---

any and all input is appreciated very much - I need the help and stuck searching i've been working on it since the 1st week and I need some light

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