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Default Re: Gas leaking out the air intake

Originally Posted by mbrooks360 View Post
Turn the gas on, wait a few seconds it starts pouring out the air box. Is that a common problem? - or is the extension piece I welded on not allowing the gas to flow into the motor because it's pointing down hill towards the air box?

I'm thinking since it's not pointing where gas would flow into the engine that it's backing up in the carb and then going out the air intake. But then I'm thinking that even if that was the case would on a normal install eventually the motor would fill with gas, back up into the carb and go out the intake.

I moved the clip on the needle up. Other than that haven't down anything internally.
Your fuel bowl is over flowing because there is junk under the needle valve
that shuts off the gas flow into the bowl or the white plastic float is full of gas.

remove the 2 screws and take the bowl off, then shake the float to see if there is
any gas in it.
Then remove the pin that the arms lever from to remove the needle.
Blow the the passage and seat out with compressed air.

Do not scratch or damage the brass seat that the needle valve seals against.

Liquid gas does not flow into the motor down the intake tube.
Gas is sucked up through the jet past the needle and atomized being mixed
with air as it flows down the intake tube.

I also notice that you are using both springs behind the clutch arm.
The big spring is only a heat shield fot the clutch cable so it doesn't
touch the hot cylinder head.
The small spring should be removed too as the internal spring is more than
enough to return the arm.
You are making the clutch pull at the bars harder than it needs to be.

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