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Default Re: What exactly is a "Schwinn" bicycle

Originally Posted by TexasDav View Post
I know I bought my bike from walmart it was the schwinn beach cruser one speed. I went to the schwinn dealer for parts, no luck and a big speech about how they are not a real schwinn. I figure if you put your name on something, then you need to stand by your product. Either Schwinn put the screws to there dealers or there dealers are dropping the ball not carring parts and servicing the bikes. I replaced every moving part on this bike sence I bought it. Wheels, forks, crank, peddles, only the frame is there now and I seen where that could be a problem later. I am over 200lbs and can't blame walmart, cheap price cheap bike. But I know better next build, spend the money up front or spend it later fixing and walking home many times. Husky- Felt- Workman or old real steel bike is the way to go. Or lose weight Nah get steel
Wally world gets their name brand vendors to cheapen the products so it will cost less to sell. Levi's sell their Levi Strauss line there and Dickie's uses a whole different tag. It's a red tag instead of the traditional one.
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