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Default Yet another n00b...

Hello folks. I am totally new to this. Matter of fact I haven't even made my purchase yet. I am still trying to find a reliable source to buy a motor kit. Bikeberry was sold out of the kits I wanted (yes I plan on making two). I plan on making a purchase by the 30th of this month. I figured I'd sign up because I am sure I'll be looking things over and asking questions that haven't been answered already. Anyway, little bit about me. I am 35 and I do not have a vehicle. I walk or taxi every I want to go. I got rid of my gas guzzler a GMC Yukon and now I am sick of walking but I can't see paying for a car or gas any longer. I live in a fairly bike/motorcycle friendly town in Southwest Missouri so I am comfortable setting one up for me and the wife. Not to mention, these bikes are unique and cool and seen a few running around town. The setup I am pursuing is a beach cruiser style bike with an 80/66cc setup. Something in the lines of that.
Thanks for reading!

"Spencer's Corner" Youtube video brought me here.
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