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Default Re: The best thing I have ever done for my HT...

I know it sounds like I have been suckered it in in fact the Multi Level Marketing thing put me off the most. No what led me to take a risk a get the stuff was a few points.

1: There is a technical basis behind the stuff as well; polarised oil molecules which if indeed they are in theory should stick to metal which is a conductor and even be strongly attracted to the parts with the most friction, which do indeed experience a negative charge build up.

2: the product has no fillers or any other additives which might damage my engine it is only which is treated so its polar so the worst thing that could happen is that I put oil in my engine.

3: I did a LOT of research and almost every other brand/type of oil/fuel additive has been investigated or charged for making false claims. These guys have been around since the late 80's and make huge claims and have never charged by the FCC.

4: Castrol brought out an oil over here in Aus called Magnatec which claimed the exact same thing so at least a reputable brand is doing something similar.

5: there is an impressive friction test on youtube that I thought looked hard to fake.

6: almost all net discussion seemed to be from farmers and truck drivers using it in their tractors and lorry's. The Truck all say it gives them MINIMUM 10% fuel economy AND power up hills.

Having said all of that I now have proof myself. I think the results are even more dramatic on these little engines because the low tolerances of workmanship result is such a lot of friction.

The most objective change however was also the first to happen. Cooler running. Before, and on all three of my engines over past 6 years after around 15km of flat out riding on a HOT day (30+ degrees Celcius) my engine would be getting hot and once hot would run angry and if I tried to go WOT would SERIOUSLY start to overheat. Now my engine gets to a max temp which is still only warm at the crank case and doesn't seem to get hotter as long as I'm moving even at WOT up long hills! No **** I just trucked up a steep 4km hill at the END of a 12km ride on a 35 degree day and the engine was still only warm to touch.

Anyways I happy I took a gamble, its just going to be tough to convince you guys that my engine hasn't been taking placebo's!!!

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