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Default Re: carburetor issues?

okay guys, here's the follow up. I had written inquiring about carb adjustments for my Cns because of "4 cycling" and difficult hill climbing. I was planning to make a float adjustment believing I wasn't getting enough gas in the bowl on the incline; xseler informed me that I had an air adjustment screw hiding beneath that little brass plug on the carb and having had success with that adjustment I might want to try it. I always try go for the less invasive and ideally reversible adjustment first and since his suggestion involved a screw, with precise adjustments either way vs. a manual bending deal with the float... I dug out the plug and made the air adjustment. VOILA!! Eureka, etc I had found it! I tried a few different adjustments in combination with my idle and choke and as good as that ride had been, excepting the concern I wrote about, it was even smoother yet. You might imagine my glee when I found myself racing up a hill instead of bogging down! It did not match the downhill speed (nor did I expect it to) but the point is that I could accelerate on the incline and maintain a steady speed of 20 miles an hour. So there lucky me, I accomplished what I set out to do; I believed my motor capable of better performance than I was experiencing and indeed it was. Thank you to all who took the time to respond and offer suggestions, they were all very helpful and I really appreciate it. It so nice to just go and ride and lose what was becoming the customary test run! thank you, thank you, thank you!! ride safe
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