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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Cool. Can you link me to more about your roller? I've heard that taking the stock Dax roller and making little slots in it with a bandsaw, will do a ton for wet traction. I've found tire selection to be the big factor (high volume tire with wide slick center, varying pressure and roller pressure for wet weather).

Once the intial oil-slick gets rained off, it's not too bad around here. Most of my rides are dry and hot so it suits me to run FD.

Belt drive sounds good for a bike that is going to be motored all the time riding it.

If you ride in the rain a lot, maybe a trike is the way to go.
Good luck.

Originally Posted by Otero View Post
Friction drive is definitely the simplest, most hassle-free
way to go. The only drawback is slippage in the wet.
Where I live, it gets really soggy 7/8 mos. a year.
Happily, I fabricated a pretty bomb-proof roller, and
that failing, my Dax converts to a DIY belt drive in
about 30 minutes.
Actually, now I've 2 bikes, one Staton Friction/GX35,
the other, the Dax belt setup/Tanaka PF4000, both
with really low ratios that will cruise lazily at 15 mph
up almost anything.

1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.
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