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Default Re: Adding Pedals Onto a 50cc Scooter?

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Actually- aren't the laws just a bit antiquated? Because all the time there's new and different products. Here's an ad for a 50 cc scooter- a really good one and good buy I think.

It conveniently doesn't describe the tranny- I even queried them and got no answer- I was just interested, so I'm not gonna call them. I'll bet it's a 4 speed "semi-automatic" with a centrifical clutch- meaning you shift it with a foot lever, but it can slow down in gear otherwise-

but really NOT much different from a "moped" like this one on another site:
that sells for hundreds more- just because of the ad. And probably priced higher because of the laws- put in place largely to sell more gasoline and discourage such transport.

First link is a scooter, just foot pegs and a shifter lever which as you noted is likely a semi auto 3-4 speed gearing.

The second link is an actual moped with pedals, probably simular engine as the one draco is using for his unique build.

An actual moped is more expensive than the chinese scooters.

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