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Default Re: carburetor issues?

Your carb probably does need some fine tuning because all of the do out of the box, but just as Tom/2door mentioned, you will always hqve a lag going uphill and quick acceleration going down, my engines are broke in well and tuned well and I loose several mph on hills, if its just a slight incline not much is lost maybe a couple mph, there are other things that determine how much speed you will loose also, the condition of the wheel bearing, type of tires, air pressure in tires, weight of the rider and how long it is to top of the hill, get the carb tuned so that you are not 4 stroking at your typicql cruise speed of 25-28mph using the stock rear sprocket, then with properly inflated tires and with wheels that hqve good smooth bearings you will see how your bike will pull the hills, better exhaust and q few engine mods will make it do a bit better but we have a tendency to ask a bit much from these little china girls sometime, they can be made to give good rpm and top speed performanc when set up right, but they're not ever gonna be torque monsters and have loads of low-end pulling power.

Best wishes and keep at it, and you realize better performance once the carb is dialed in better, just dont expect to much on the hills.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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