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Originally Posted by Charged-Reacter View Post
I just don't think regular bicycle spokes will work with this power house though. So I guess I will have to read up on forums.
Many of the folks that have installed the SBP jack shaft have left the sprocket mount on the spokes. However, I think most have "beefed up the gage on them. I bent up a set of spokes going that rout without the jack shaft, so I went with another alternatives. King's Sales has a great set up that could take a rear disk break hub with a Top Hat adaptor where you could mount the sprocket. Their link is on the left. I decided on the Clam Shell adaptor from Live Fast Motors. I have it installed on 3 bikes and will use it on a fourth. All the preasure is either on the hub, the Clam Shell adaptor, or the bolts, not on the spokes.

However, you will need to measure your hub as he has 2 sizes, 1.22" & 1.44" I machined(dremel with a soft metal cutter attachment)each of them to fit. It is made of aluminum and is soft. I have over 1K miles with one. Good luck.

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