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Default Re: Flat Tires and Land Mines

I'm mixing hobbies here but I discovered something today when I was putting the new tube in my front wheel. Anyone who is into or used to be into model airplanes and flew the big ones might have some big propellers laying around. I had several 18 and 20 inch props from 1/4 scale planes and I discovered they make great tire tools. Mine were a carbon fiber composite, smooth edged and worked like magic. I never use metal tools and made some from paint stir sticks but the old airplane propellers worked perfectly. They're too expensive to go buy new from the hobby shop but if you know anyone who flys big model planes they might have a couple of old ones they'd be willing to part with. Even a broken prop will work because you only need one blade.
Just sumpin I found today and thought I'd share with the group.
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