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Default Re: Adding Pedals Onto a 50cc Scooter?

Actually- aren't the laws just a bit antiquated? Because all the time there's new and different products. Here's an ad for a 50 cc scooter- a really good one and good buy I think.

It conveniently doesn't describe the tranny- I even queried them and got no answer- I was just interested, so I'm not gonna call them. I'll bet it's a 4 speed "semi-automatic" with a centrifical clutch- meaning you shift it with a foot lever, but it can slow down in gear otherwise-

but really NOT much different from a "moped" like this one on another site:
that sells for hundreds more- just because of the ad. And probably priced higher because of the laws- put in place largely to sell more gasoline and discourage such transport.

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