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Default Re: carburetor issues?

thank you dodge dude. And likewise 2door, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. Guess I didn't explain myself well. I understand and don't expect that I will fly up a hill and actually, yeah I do expect to slow down to some degree. It's the extreme difference between the two that has me believing something is amiss. I'm getting better at it but if I don't plan and adjust just right going into a hill (and I'm not taking steep) I can and sometimes do lose all power. On the downside of that hill, it's not just gravity. That engine cranks so fast I could almost do a wheelie! I get at least a 10 mph increase in seconds, that just doesn't seem quite right to me. My theory is that I fly down the hill because the decline all allows more gas into the bowl. My thought is perhaps I need a little more in gas in the bowl to start with and fare better in general. One thing I'm certain of, as it applies to these two stroke wonders, I got a gem of a ride! This my second build and I had constant problems with everything on the first one! After this experience what I believed then holds true now. My ignorance coupled with an inferior product gave me appropriate results. With this bike/kit I felt good with how I started and every adjustment felt I needed and made was in an improvement so I'm very pleased overall. I'm just into trying to get it to be the best it can be, not something it can't. I'll make this carb adjustment and it will work or not. If it does, well good for me, if it doesn't well, like you stated, I'm still in great shape with this bike. oh... I do understand the sprocket thing but it's relatively flat where I live so I'm good with the 44t that I have, thank you for mentioning that also. I'll let you know. Happy trails!!!
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