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Default Re: carburetor issues?

@ mabike.... my problem is I lose power climbing and take off like a rocket on the down side of the hill. I would like to be able to smooth this out and maintain a consistent steady speed on both sides of the hill. I can't help but believe there is one particular thing causing this. I believe that "thing" to be not enough gas in the "bowl" and the cure is a float adjustment. If that is correct then I am a good guesser because I'm clueless about carbs except I have an idea it's a quick and easy way to get into big trouble. Before I tamper with the carb I'd like to know if that is the appropriate action to begin with and how do I go about making a float adjustment? thank you for inquiring, I appreciate it.

@dodgedude uhmmm ditto! how do I do that? thanks for your response
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