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Default when life gives you lemons...

or in my case when the only full suspension frame you can that would fit a motor find has a MAJOR design flaw.
my rocky mountain element bicycle was running great. just clocked in 350 miles, just finished my longest ever trip traveling 25 miles from home and back with no problems, and then it happened, pure carnage. my derailer somehow got caught up in the chain and ended up going around the back of the drop out and breaking in several spots, and the bicycle chain broke in three places and was wrapped around the bottom bracket. i had to walk home carrying it because the rear wheel was locked up and wouldnt even roll. to make it worse there were uppity road bikers laughing at me when they rode by me. to make a bad story even worse, when i got the parts in needed to fix it and began to fix it i noticed that not only was my derailer gone, but my drop out was also FUBAR.

heres a picture. i just wanna know who decided that it would be a good idea to put a weight cut out in the middle of the drop out. and on top of that, they decided to drill a hole for the derailer hanger in the middle of the thinest part!!! its only a inch wide at best, and only 1/8 thick aluminum!

so i had two choices:
1. troll the internet and find a new swing arm for my bike, which is a fairly uncommon frame in the most uncommon size. and break it the same way i broke the first.
2. make my self a new one.

i choose number two and this is the result. BACK ON THE ROAD!!!!
disc brake mounts, derailer hanger mount, and all the pivit points, from scratch.

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