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Talking Re: Building a mono-shock frame to mount any size tire or engine.

Originally Posted by young grease monkey View Post
you cant weld chromoly with mig anyway, but you might end up with a ridiculously heavy frame using carbon steel. how thick of tubing did you buy? this is very interesting, not something i would try myself though. i would buy a motorcycle at this point, for what you want out of a motorized bicycle, but its a great challenge, plus how many people can say they really made their bike from the ground up with raw materials? thats awesome.

i started with a frame and am fabricating everything i possibly can cuz im cheap and got more time than money sometimes haha. just a stick welder, grinder and drill press plus common tools get er' done. i hate to pay for something i can make

Not concerned with weight at this point. Just ease of welding. My Felt MP bike weighs upwards of 120 lbs and I weigh almost 200. My Felt MP is also carbon steel and is now approaching 4000 miles on it riding on the most grueling 3rd World roads in this country and shows little signs of wear, other than some paint scratches. LOL
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