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Default carburetor issues?

I have a Grubbee Skyhawk, 66cc w/angle fire head and a Cns carb. Had a lot of trouble with when it when new bogging down and not accelerating at low speeds and cutting out at high speeds once it warmed up and got going. Got it all smoothed out. Took off stock air filter, used 6" x 11/2" tube attached a beer can with one open end and pantyhose over that opening to keep the dirt out; that helped a lot. Got a boost bottle that helped a little more. Installed an expansion chamber better yet. Tightened head bolts, put high performance spark plug and run with choke open on click and it's like night and day from where I started, but still not quite right. Runs great on the flats, bogs down a little uphill but I can give it more throttle and it will hold steady, although a lot slower from being on flat hightway but before if I did that it would bog down to a stall. On the other side however at even just slightly downhill that bike takes off like it got a shot of NOS; I mean it screams and it flies!! Is a float adjustment in order? If so how do I do that? My carb bowl is level horizontally but the front is slightly downhill vertically. If I can resolve this I'll have a virtually perfect ride! thanks

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