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Talking Re: Building a mono-shock frame to mount any size tire or engine.

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
Miked I see you ordered tubing for bicycle frames when it looks like you are going to build a bike that should be built out of motorcycle tubing. The GC160 is not a light motor, has some good torque and you plan on having a swing arm on the bike, thats going to require a structure built to withstand alot.

I noticed on your bike that your seat has no springs, have you ever tried a spring type seat on that bike? Just wanted to see if it road any better with one.
Youre right, it should be built of motorcycle tubing but what is the cost differential? How much more is it? My Felt is packing some 80 extra pounds with the electric stuff and it's still in 1 piece. LOL

It came with springs but I never installed them. My spine is fine going springless. I don't mind that. It's hitting any rut or hole in the road at high speed that causes my back end of my bike to act like it just ran over a land mine. I do not have enough tire on the road to dissipate that kind of shock.
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