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Default Re: Building a mono-shock frame to mount any size tire or engine.

Originally Posted by miked826 View Post
DB, I just ordered the carbon steel tubes for my frame about an hour ago. Cost me $125 after tax and shipping from Nova Cycle Supply. The front half of the bike frame will be a larger version of the Felt Slater/MP frame with the exact same tube angles but with a longer seat tube by about 3 inches. It will be able to swallow a Honda GC160 with room to spare, using a normal 4 stroke motor mount. That is the motor this frame is gonna be built around.

When I get the tubes, then I gotta notch those things. I guess it's time for me to put up or shut up, aye? LOL
sounds *****in' Mike. I can't wait to see it. and the top tube! whew, thats an undertaking, and my kinda build! I love the tank bikes. I'm building a gx200 Electra for october race. (not a frame-tank, i'll be using a wolf creative customs tank). It's definitely a nice sized can of worms. hahahha.
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