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Default Re: Engine wont turn now

Originally Posted by kfree View Post
So my new 2 cycle was running just fine until I flipped the choke and it died. Since, it wont start and it seems like the engine is not turning (i.e. no compression) when I let out the clutch. Any thoughts?
I'm assuming when you say flipped the choke you mean that you lifted the choke lever up and then it died, if that is what you did then you probably just flooded the engine with an extra amount of fuel and possibly fuel fouled the spark plug.

Heres the part that is a bit confusing to understand (it wont start and it seems like the engine is not turning (i.e. no compression) when I let out the clutch.)

If you get on bike, pull in on clutch lever, pedal bike up to a few MPH and then release the clutch, does the engine turn over as it would if you are trying to start the engine but just wont start up and run?

OR, when you follow the above steps does the engine just lock the rear wheel up when you release the clutch lever?

OR, does the engine spin/turn over but does it just spin very easily as if there is no compression just like as if you had removed the spark plug?

Really need to narrow some things down here before I can point you in any direction, several opinions here posted already, but without clearing up some things and knowing exactly what you are doing and exactly what the engine is doing its just wild guessing that could be way off in left field.

look over what I said here and give me you best shot at which of the things I described is what you have going on with the engine.

Personally I think it should be something real simple, but that isn't always the case.

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