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Default Re: 40 mile trip EPIC FAIL.. Please Help

Originally Posted by Scott.D.Lang View Post
map I dont blame anyone for using it and Ive used it myself in the past but as I said I personalty dont use it I have ( on auto engines ) seen it cause more problems then it solved.
one question map when you dubbled nutted did the nuts come lose or did it come out of the block?
It seems that the studs backed out of the case, only place I didn't use loctite was studs into case, had to tighten them again today after a 25 mile ride, if they loosen again they will come out and get some thread locker on them.

New studs will be made up when I have my Puch head ready to mount up on this engine, the studs that are currently in it are just the stock ones, which normally are fine, never had an isue with them in the past, but they're longer than they need to be so if I'm gonna be cutting on studs, it will be on the Hi Grade 8mm all thread I have sitting in the corner I ordered from McMaster Carr last month.

I've even used just a dab of the Red thread locker on some rear mounting studs that kept backing out, that was around three years ago and that engine ain't had a wrench on it since other than checking spark plug and just general maintenance and cleaning.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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