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Default Re: The best thing I have ever done for my HT...

I like the Royal Purple stuff myself seems to do that they claim at least its purple, oily and expensive. I've used it at work on pipeline launcher and receiver cleaner runs lids that have a sort of acme thread hard to open and close until I used the RP rear end gear oil on them I can spin off and on the lids there is has really worked.
I run the stuff in the engine and gear box of my Harley and change it every 5000 miles, so far no problems, don't know if it doing any better than the Mobil 1 I was using in the bike. I was given the RP oil to try case if 20/50 and a case of 75/90 gear oil.
I'd like to try the Amsoil as my brother in law uses that in his Harley and changes it at 7500 miles his bike has a bunch on miles on it Alaska was one trip and Fl. was another, he lives in Co. he goes to Sturgis every year and I think has made it for the last 11 years on the same bike with no engine work and the old bike still runs great. this bike is a 1988 or somewhere in that years FXR evo engined bike, heck I'll have to ask him. Anyway he rides it on most of the vacation he takes so its no hanger queen. Charlie does like to ride my engine assisted bikes too.
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