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Motorcycle bicycle racing:

Thank you for your message. I had some of my vids on YouTube, but took them down. Decided to wait before posting anymore right now. Just a personal decision. The raceway sounds like fun. I will consider that.

My story over the past two years about what I'm riding is extensive and so I can't go into it all on this single post. I can say that I've gone from a stock motor that is sold on eBay and I found EVERY problem there is to find having to do with a motorized bike. I went to a centrifugal clutch, then got rid of it, went to a jack shaft, then to an internal hub and now I'm currently building on my GT LTS large frame a KTM 50cc motor.

I don't do all of the engine work. I'm primarily the pilot, the rider of the finished work. I make the purchases, but my good friend and mechanic Craig is the primary mechanic and he does most of the mechanical work. What I know is based on my rudimentary knowledge of auto mechanics, what I learned in auto shop back in high school before car engines had computers in them and whatever I can absorb and learn from Craig and of course, from my riding experiences.

Trust me though, being broken down at the top of Angeles Crest Highway on a 90 degree day at noon is one sure way to learn the mechanics of a motorized bike very quickly.
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