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Hi Jerry,

First and foremost, I never break the law or ride irresponsibly. This was why I avoided forums because of the difficulty in interpreting text messages and the presumption of guilt before speaking with someone first.

I only ride my bike on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This minimizes most and some days all of the other traffic on the road because most people are at work during those times. I ALWAYS wear a helmet and protective gear even if I just ride my bike to the corner market to pick up milk and eggs.

I never ride my bike in the roadway but always as far to the right as possible while staying safe. I never ride my bike on weekends when most people would expect others to be riding bikes.

The bottom line here Jerry is that I don't want to die, nor do I want to get in trouble with the law. I don't give a flip what law makers see my vids because everything I do is within the legal boundaries. If anything when a lawmaker sees my vid, it will make him want to do the same thing I'm doing. Because what I do is for fun. Not for trouble.

Thank you for your comments though. I know you didn't accuse me of anything, but your overall tone did lean more towards the presumption of guilt rather than the inquiry of it.
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