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DJS here, avid motorized bike rider and builder. Love to record extreme videos with my helmet cam of me riding up to the top of Angeles Crest Forest Highway in Southern California and then racing down at 50 mph while taking most, if not all of the curves and corners WOT. What's really cool is when the guys coming up from behind me on their high powered racing bikes slow down because they're not quite sure what to make of me. They wonder if I'm a guy on a really fast bike or a really slow motorcycle.. Then they cautiously go around me and continue on at 70 mph.

Have some really crazy vids that put the viewer in the drivers seat, so it's almost as cool to watch as it was to ride.

Been trying to reach this guy, Duane at because I need to speak with him and the only contact he gives is his phone number and he says to CALL!!! But every time I just CALL!!! I get his voice mail and he never returns my calls.. Went on Skype and tried to contact him at his levellone profile and no luck there either.

So any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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