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Default Re: air compressor question

Hello meatgrinder,
I work in the autobody field and most of your spray guns/painting require a psi around 40-60. Now for it looking good I recommend using a good spray gun my SATA cost me around 800 dollars which I'm sure you don't want to spend that kind of money on a gun you will only use here and there. But like 2door said you get oil and water in your air lines so I do say get a filter it will go on the back of your gun then you put your air fitting on that, and then your tins will come out clean with no fish eyes or anything like that providing you paint in a dust/clean place. I would sand with 320 grit or finer so you don't have to put a bunch of base coats on to cover up the sand scratches. If you need more answers or got anymore more questions Id be glad to help you.
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