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Default Re: air compressor question

I got this oilless 3 gallon compressor over 3 years ago from harbor freight on sale for like $50 and another like $25 for hose and a gadget and fitting kit.

I just pulled it out from under it's spot for this shot.

It is extremely loud, slow to fill the small tank, and it won't power any real air tools for long but it does have a tank pressure gauge and a regulator with gauge that is not so great but better than nothing.

It looks like I should clean it up, clean the filter, and see what treasures may have fallen into it's box I keep it in to try to dampen the noise the last 3 years ;-}

Air brush painting sure for like artwork but I doubt you would be happy with it to paint a whole house but probably OK for a frame or two in one session.

Good point about the hose Greg, I remember that from my roofing days with a staple gun, a couple hundred feet of hose is a nice additional 'tank' to keep pressure longer.
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