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Default Hello from Sarasota, FL

Hello motorized bicycle members,
New to the site, did my first motorized bicycle build a few months ago and addicted to them now. Just something to mess around with on the spare time. I did a simple build with the Wal-Mart OP beach cruiser bought my kit off Ebay. Of course its was a cheap build had problems with the engine mount studs breaking off so drilled and re-taped to a 5-16 stud, way better and stronger then stock! But I could go on forever on how cheap the kits are, but my motorized bicycle has been great knock on wood I've put about 500 miles on her now. Plan on doing another Mmotorized bicycle, I want to make it a racing bike and hopefully take it out west and join them on the track. I see they have a good motorized bicycle community out west, if there are some closer to Florida that would be awesome but I haven't found anything really on the east coast for motorized bicycle racing.
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