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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

Ok, so I got the carb put together using the better pieces of both carbs I have. Swapped the bowl, because the bowl being crooked is actually just how the bowl on the one is made. I looked at them both taken apart and one is nice and even (the one I'm using now) and the other is kinda ugly. I also swapped the tangs. I checked the needle seat, and everything else you guys have suggested. Float is sitting at 21mm without the gasket. The carb is together, and no longer leaking!!! Too bad it's pouring outside (FL in summertime for ya) and I cant blow out the motor and see if she'll run now. I have a feeling she will though, it's looking promising. Also, I'm deciding against riding until I get my new arch style chain tensioner on Friday(hopefully), as I've been having problems with that as well, and this original seems like a death trap. Should I weld it to the frame or use U-bolts? I should get my new DOT apporved half helmet then too. I have to say that after this past few weeks of really learning how these things go together and how they work, I'm really lucky I didnt hurt myself with the first motor.

Again guys, THANK YOU. I'll keep ya posted whenever I get break in the weather and see if the motor's going to run.
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