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Originally Posted by ebmvegan View Post
as of today at 0500 hrs, the exchange rate is $0.817 American to $1.00 Canadian. Your getting a break. Just double check shipping charges. Also your order may arrive in about a week depending where you are from. Canadian Imports have to go through customs. Don't let the "turmoil" turn into a storm. Manage it when it is at a drizzle.
Thanks ebmvegan.....Just to let you know that I decided on my engine kit and already order it. The CH80/70CC was my choice. I doubled check the shipping price was only$40.00. Your exchange rate was correct and you were so right on about saying, "manage it when it is at a drizzle". Now comes the hard part waiting. I still have alot to do about getting the SBP shift kit ordered and planning what I will need for that. I just don't think regular bicycle spokes will work with this power house though. So I guess I will have to read up on forums. You have been such a great help to me than you will ever know with your sound thinking. Thankyou again
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