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Default Re: Engine kits

You're right, Dan.

It took a couple of weeks for my first kits to arrive. That was 2008. In that time I was reading threads and I learned a handful of things that were very handy to have known before I started my builds.

The one that I can remember specifically is the chain tensioner. I knew that I feared what they can do to spokes before I got my hands on my first kit. That was because of forum reading. As a result I've yet to have a tensioner bend over and break spokes. I was warned before-hand.

One thing I did not pick up on, but should have, is just how critical it is to mount that engine securely. Obviously, though, I shouldn't have needed to be told. It's not hard to figure out. But I was thinking about other things.

I figured it out on my own eventually. But it left it's print on my psyche. Now I'm constantly telling the newbies, "Make sure that engine stays right where you put it".
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