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Default The best thing I have ever done for my HT bicycle engine...

Hello everyone. I have already posted an appraisal for this stuff but I just have to tell you all again how amazing this stuff is! My engine keeps running more smoothly, quietly and cooler as I use it. Plus surprisingly it has gained power! almost like a 2nd break in I kid you not and no, I don't work for these guys or anything.

The stuff is called Bi-tron and is a product not sold it stores but google it and you'll find a dealer. This product makes big claims and I was quite skeptical but I saw an impressive demo on you-tube (google it!) and decided to give it a try.

I am using the XL2 2-stroke oil additive and the Gasoline conditioner together. At first if anything the engine seemed to run a bit funny and I had to re-tune my carb. almost immediately however my engine ran a lot cooler I put this down to the frictional and fluid dynamic properties of the fuel being changed but I thought at first that I had blown hard earned cash on snake oil.

But half way through the second tank using the stuff my engine smoothed out remarkably. It used to resonate through certain revs near 3/4 throttle, this vanished. Difficult starts vanished and I NEVER need to choke (although I do to keep lubricant up). This stuff is supposed to penetrate the tiny pores in metal and cling on strongly esspecially at high fiction and wear areas. Obviously over time the stuff is getting into the bearings and working wonders.

Pretty soon I mixed the Bi-tron oil with the fuel conditioner (acting as a solvent and) in a little container and used in on the chain and my bike wheel bearings... WOW!! instant smoothness the friction of my drive train reduced almost magically. I put a bit into the clutch spring and drive sproket as well.

It really does seem to work as well as claimed. My engine feels like it has come through a second break in and I reckon will now last a LOT longer.

Highly recommended!!! As a final note my skate boarding buddies just ordered some because they simply could not believe the difference after they soaked their bearings in the stuff.
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