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Originally Posted by BamaJNJ View Post
thanks for the words of encouragement Maniac...i will take heed your advisement...however i am bored and do have a multitude of spare junk and maybe even a lil skill as well...thanks
By all means, if you want to play with ht's, have at it!
I only meant to express my opinion on stuffing cases.
With a nickname like Maniac, I fully understand doing things just because nobody thinks you can.
As long as you don't expect a wheelie popping 50hp monster to appear, there is HUGE fun and knowledge waiting in these lovely china girls.
This engine can teach a newcomer ALL the basics of piston port two strokes.
I wish they had been available when I was a kid learning how to run with the big dogs...learning would have been a whole lot cheaper!
Remember no matter what you use to stuff cases, unless it bolts in, surface prep is critical! Clean, clean, clean and then clean it again!
Rougher is better as well. The more tooth the surface has, the better epoxy will grip.
Also remember, pump gas has lots of stuff in it these days to make most common epoxies fail sooner or later. Ethanol is only one of the issues.
Stuff that used to work may not with modern gas blends.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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