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Originally Posted by Aric View Post
Ok so the whiney noise is normal during the break in it I finally got the carb adjusted right I know I ask a lot of questions new to building anything motorized. So heavy duty an what parts do I grease?? I have already greased the wheel hubs with white lighting
Grease everything on the bike that rotates...steering, crank, pedals, everything.
Make sure all the bearings are correctly adjusted and tight.
Grease the small gear and large gear on the clutch side of the engine. Don't go crazy with the grease, just a small dab on the teeth in a few spots.
NOT the inside of the big gear! (Clutch pads + grease = fail.)
Some people take out the clutch cable guide and grease inside the engine case, but I don't do this since you have to pump far too much in there to actually grease anything important.
Keep an eye on all the nuts, bolts and screws the first few weeks until everything takes a set and stays put.
Once you have 300-400 miles on it, adjust the needle clip for best acceleration and power.
Then you can start thinking about a pipe or different rear gear...
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