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Default Re: X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

Originally Posted by CheebaChamp View Post
Thank you guys, all of you. I truly appreciate all the help and I'm sure I'll get this worked out the next time I have time to sit down and work on it. (fingers crossed that'll be tomorrow afternoon)

So to respond -

The bowl being crooked on the carb is kinda weird, as I've lined it up and made sure the gasket is seated properly, and although it looks kind of crooked, I thoroughly checked and didn't see any leakage there. I'm thinking that it's going to have to do with what Tom is talking about, because the first time I took the carb apart the tang was stuck in its position. I'm going to have to blow out the engine as well, I have yet to do that. As far as using the other carb, the first motor I got from boygofast is probably going to get sent back, but I'm going to play with the parts of both though to get this right. I have confidence I'll figure it out with all of your help.

Again, thanks guys, you've made me a believer, and definitely a new member that's going to be around to stay.


Well buddy you for sure got the right attitude, just keep at it and when you finally get it done you'll not only enjoy the bike but you'll also enjoy the knowledge you gotten by the experience, you'll be able to solve future issues with that knowledge and you'll be able to chime in and help other noobs in the future who may be having simular issues.

Cant wait to hear you say( problem solved)

Peace, map
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